Weekends of wow | Half mile farm

Written by: Marlene Osteen | Problem: 2021/12 – December

The calming, leisurely magic of cookies and tea is celebrated with two weekend getaways at Half-Mile Farm. Hosted events are for Half-Mile guests only. To book your stay, visit halfmilefarm.com.


So here’s a greeting to the creative team at Half-Mile Farm by Old Edwards. Just in time to escape the winter doldrums, they host two true sensory experiences – joyful escapades through the culinary landscape.

On the weekend of January 21-23, Cheese Biscuit Queen Mary Greene will be on the premises demonstrating and speaking about the traditional flavors of her southern heritage as passed down from her family’s history.

Visitors are sure to see a friendly, warm, and dedicated Greene doing her thing – she’s demonstrating the art of baking cheese cookies and chatting by the fireplace on Saturdays. On weekend evenings, accompanied by free hors d’oeuvres, live music and craft cocktails, she will talk about people she met on a political journey – where food was her medium to bond.

Greene will share how she made her way through nutrition to make friends and influence people in their lobbying and business careers. She will likely tell political anecdotes from her book The cheese biscuit queen tells everything, about the famous – including Hilary Clinton, Walter Mondale, Governor Mark Sanford – and the lesser known.

With her legendary lack of excuse and a knack for keeping the entertainment fresh and lively, Greene has the formula nailed for an invigorating weekend of discovery and laughter.

Sara Scarborough, founder of Tea Huntress in Nashville, will take to the stage on the weekend of February 18-20 and share how the ancient art and rituals of tea nourish your body and soul while deeply sharing it with you connect with nature.

Since 2001, Scarborough has been connecting tea lovers with tea farmers to improve the lives of both.

This “mistress of tea” will tell her incredible journey during the convivial hour on Friday and Saturday evenings. The daughter of an American father and a Finnish mother, she grew up in both countries and developed a love for nature that led her to study sustainable agriculture. After college, she started her first tea company – in New Zealand – and eventually returned to the US, spending time in Montana and California, working as a buyer and traveling the world to find the best teas.

That experience led to the founding of her company, Firepot Nomadic Teas – beautifully packaged, caffeine-free and deliciously hippie-dip in a health-conscious way.

Even if tea isn’t your thing, Tea Huntress likely will. You will get to know the medicinal properties of tea as a meditation and relaxation aid and learn to buy the right tea set for your practice.

“There is a lot of confusion around tea – which strain to choose, how to brew, which teaware to use,” she says. “It is my greatest pleasure to demystify tea.”

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