Virtual art exhibition for the exhibition of Madhubani, Tanjore paintings


“As an art educator, I’ve trained hundreds of students. I have always been fascinated by her talent and creativity. This is my attempt to offer them a platform to present their best works to patrons and audiences alike. This is a curated exhibition that brings together a variety of wonderful art, young talent and creative inspiration, ”says Sushila Prakash, who pursued her passion for art after being an attorney for over 25 years.

She adds that the exhibition will feature a variety of paintings from different styles. “The paintings will be unique and original works by my students and me, including Kerala wall painting, oil painting, acrylic painting, Warli, Madhubani, Persian wall painting, Tanjore painting, Pattachitra, and modern art. All income from the sale of paintings goes to the artist who created the paintings. “

Persian mural Madhubani

The artist emphasizes that she chose a virtual route due to the increased interest and convenience of interacting with online platforms. “I have students from all over the world. The increased interest and the convenience of dealing with online platforms due to COVID made it possible for us to present this exhibition with works of art by my students from different countries. In addition, virtual platforms offer art enthusiasts an immersive and interactive online experience that enables them to engage with art in 360 digital and offer an experience similar to that of a physical art exhibition. We believe this is a great opportunity to bring this exhibition online to a global audience, and not just be limited to one city, ”said Sushila. The virtual exhibition can be viewed –

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