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CHENNAI: During the first wave of Covid-19, while sitting indoors, Tyag Krishnamurthy decided to try his hand at art and discovered that he had both a flair and a passion for it.
When the Blue Cross of India (BCI) considered bringing out its annual calendar for the New Year, the animal lover, who is also one of the BCI’s volunteer joint secretaries, decided to bring his two loved ones together and create a calendar that would make pencil sketches of critically endangered people Species included around the world.
“I selected 12 mammals such as the Bornean orangutan, Sumatran tiger, red wolf, European mink, African forest elephant, etc. to be on the IUCN’s Red List of Endangered Species,” says Krishnamurthy who started drawing in October.
Towards the end of the year, various organizations bring out calendars that highlight the causes and problems they are advocating. They also serve as fundraising initiatives that help the NGOs support their efforts.
BCI’s calendar, launched last week, is available for 299 people and can be booked through their website or FB page for a pickup or delivery at the shelter. “All donations are used to care for more than 2,000 animal shelter,” says Krishnamurthy.
The theme of this year’s Besant Memorial Animal Dispensary (BMAD) calendar is “Influencers and Survivors”. “Every year we publish a fundraiser calendar that creates awareness of our work and shows the realities of the world, whether it is the plight of community animals, abandoning pets or large animal welfare that is often overlooked,” says Dr. Josika Navukkarasu, veterinarian, BMAD.
Every month of the 2022 calendar, an influencer will pose with one of the animals that went through and overcame some difficulties, says Dr. Josika. “For example, we have actor Gayathri Shankar posing with one of our ponies, Arya, who was temporarily paraplegic after a traffic accident when we recorded her.”
The calendar at the price of 500 is available from the BMAD and can also be ordered online from the end of December.
Rare musical instruments are the theme of Euphony 2022, the calendar from Sahodaran, an LGBT support group in Chennai. “It shows instruments like Mizhaave, a rare copper drum that is only played in Kerala’s Koothambalams as an accompaniment to Chakkiyarkoothu or Nangiarkoothu; Edakka, a small drum that is slung over the shoulder; Elathallam or cymbals, Thutheri, an old trumpet; Nagphani, a serpentine horn, “says Sunil Menon, founder of Sahodaran, who bought instruments from Sivakumar, an instrument collector in Chennai. The calendar costs 1,500.

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