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World Music Day 2022: The day was first celebrated in 1982.

Music has never been more accessible than in today’s world. With just a tap on our smartphones, we can turn on our favorite songs by choosing the genres and artists we like to listen to. And that’s why World Music Day is of the utmost importance to today’s generation. World Music Day is celebrated on June 21st. The day honors the spirit of the music, the liveliness of the singing and the melody of the instruments. The day was first celebrated in France in 1982 as the Fete de la Musique. It was organized by then French Arts and Culture Minister Jack Lange and French composer Maurice Fleuret.

Theme of World Music Day 2022

The theme of World Music Day 2022 is “Music at the Crossroads”.


World Music Day was created to make music more accessible and consumable for the young generation. As early as 1982, Jack Lange and Maurice Fleuret noted that the music of the time was not representative of youth playing instruments. Therefore, they planned to plan a concert in the public space of Paris with the help of the architect and scenographer Christian Dupavillon. The concert took place on June 21st this year and celebrated the presence of professional and amateur musicians from different corners of France.

In 1985, also referred to as the European Year of Music, other nations took over this annual concert to celebrate music and music artists. In 1997, a charter was signed at the European Music Festival in Budapest, which recognized the day internationally as World Music Day.

How do you celebrate World Music Day?

Music artists around the world organize concerts on World Music Day. Celebrations are no longer limited to European nations. In fact, the day is celebrated by 120 countries including India, Italy, Greece, Russia, Australia, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Japan, China and Malaysia. Festivals, parades, fairs, festivals and dance parties are often an integral part of World Music Day.

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