The clustered lighting trend is styled so differently by Serena Williams & Gabrielle Union

It’s around this time of year that the new interior design trends are emerging – people are renewing their spaces, replacing the old and tired with the new and hot. As such, you’ve probably already noticed a few: sage green, second-hand finds, and maximalism, to name a few. While many, like this one, are clearly established, there are others that are fairly new, making it the perfect time to jump on board. This includes the cluster lighting trend, a one-of-a-kind look that’s quietly but surely getting celebrities on board.

Case in point: the homes of Serena Williams and Gabrielle Union, both of which feature the trend. And no, it’s not the Christmas tree cluster lights you’re thinking of having in their rooms. Rather, the look involves strategically placed clusters of lights that have been paired into a sort of art installation display.

It’s a cool and unexpected idea that’s endlessly versatile. In fact, the two celebrities proved it with the recent photos they shared of the lighting displays in their rooms. Because while both Williams and Union have their own clusters of interest, each went in a completely different direction in terms of how they styled the look.

Williams, for example, recently shared a video on Instagram of herself sitting at a table topped by several pendant lights in a mix of styles. Overall, the effect was eclectic and playful, and a welcome departure from the usual grouping of a few identical pieces. However, it wasn’t at all like the lighting display Union chose for their minimalist home.

In fact, Union is so different that it takes a second look to say they even share the same trend. Instead of hanging pendants that Bring it on Alum created a wall of small, rectangular black sconces in her home. Unlike Williams’ selection, Union’s selection was pared down and somewhat more consistent — though no less interesting or unique.

While it may be difficult to decide which direction to take after seeing these two versions of this trend, there’s no question that it’s worth trying in 2022. That’s especially true since you don’t have to settle for any of the celebrity-approved avenues at all; Rather, you can create your very own lighting cluster based on your personal style. Try it now with the pieces ahead.

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