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To show the perfect integration of art and wine

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – December 7, 2021 – The limited wines from the Allan Banford Signature Wine Series were on the 2nd media and guests came together to taste the new wine collection by British artist Allan Banford. Attracted by Allan Banford’s artwork on display on the limited edition wine bottles, they waited to be celebrated with a party of fine art, trendy music and great wine.

The Allan Banford Signature Wine Series, named after British multidisciplinary artist Allan Banford and handpicked by Chilean wine connoisseur Francisco Montenegro, presented guests with an exquisite taste of unforgettable aromas. During the wine tasting, Allan was so excited to express his synergy: “It is our first liquid art collection and we want to bring you a unique combination of wines from all over the world with the concept of constant creative evolution occurring in liquid art. Every sip from the wines of the Allan Banford Signature Wine Series was a unique experience of authenticity and enjoyment. “

The three featured flavors of the Allan Banford Signature Wine Series were curated from the artist’s paintings and offer a unique visual and taste experience called Liquid Art. These art selections matched the wines from design and body to structure and taste. Allan Banford’s vivid colors and emotional strokes have lifted the aesthetics of the bottle to a masterpiece.

The event attracted many enthusiastic supporters. The party couldn’t be more relaxed and fun with house music from the DJ and interactive games like gambling. A charming guest who enjoyed her wine and music said she had a long queue to book this event. It was an unforgettable evening that was worth waiting for. Most of the guests secured significant amounts of bottles as an investment due to the rarity of the product and the limited editions.

Only media representatives and VIPs were invited to the pre-launch event. When the media interviewed the artist and wine curator, both couldn’t wait to share this synergy with their guests and proudly declare to the audience that the Allan Banford Signature Wine Series is a must for wine collectors.

The basics of the Allan Banford Signature Wine Series are both philosophical and inspirational. Committed to art and creativity in multiple scenarios, Allan Banford has shown his understanding of evolution and space-time theory in each of his creations. After winning many awards around the world and gaining international recognition, Allan Banford began to explore the boundaries between consciousness and perception in order to develop his abstract style and technique. In this wine project, he worked on all of these principles to visually capture the aromas, infusions and tastes of this exclusive wine selection.

The success of the Allan Banford Signature Wine Series is also attributed to Francisco Montenegro. An experienced and passionate wine connoisseur, Francisco Montenegro has used his love for grapes, sensitive care for the land and keen sense of timing to curate the best wines in various vineyards around the world. Francisco said, delighted, “We believe that the Allan Banford Signature Wine series will soon become a well-known brand enjoying the high standards or Allan Banford masterpieces acclaimed by critics and experts around the world.”

The Allan Banford Signature Wine Series will be officially launched in December 2021.

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The Allan Banford Signature Wine Series mixes the expertise and knowledge of a Chilean wine connoisseur “Francisco Montenegro” and a British multidisciplinary artist “Allan Banford”, embedded in a handpicked curated selection of the finest wines in the world, and brings you a unique fluid art experience. The limited Allan Banford Signature Wine Series starts in Hong Kong in December 2021.

With artwork from Allan Banford’s Dynamic Abstraction series depicting the constant evolution of energetic movements, conceptual abstractions formed by mixing the contents of a concept or an observable phenomenon; express the special taste of the wine through different colors and shapes. The abstract art concept perfectly integrates art and wine with an additional noble artistic sense and value. All wine bottles are closed by hand for a touch of humanity and make the wine series a total work of art.

About founders

Allan Banford

Allan Banford is a contemporary visual artist whose diverse art, sound, and installations explore the correlation between evolution and space-time theory. His works of art react directly to the environment of everyday experiences, unnoticed instances that are brought to life through his “laceration” technique, deconstructing the subject to the extent that the meaning is changed, creating an abstract interpretation that challenges perception and perspective .

Allan is an award-winning and international multidisciplinary artist who brings to the table his concept of constant creative evolution, identifying the boundaries between consciousness and reality, revealing an inseparable relationship between perception and taste, and the flavors, notes and infusions of his global influences on a. captures limited edition, exceptionally artisanal wine selection.

Francisco Montenegro

Francisco Montenegro is a passionate agricultural engineer, wine connoisseur who has been involved in wine production since childhood, from harvesting, fermenting, blending and caring for his beloved grapes to developing a unique understanding of weather, conditions, timing and taste to create the best wines of his family wineries in Chile and has been advising the most important wineries in Australia and New Zealand for over 30 years.

His aim is to find and design wines that are the expression of the wine’s country of origin, coupled with the bespoke products developed from the customer’s own experience to create a connection with the people who drink the wine.



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