Sustainable fashion consignment store opens on Paraparaumu Beach

Lisa White and Lauren Jordan at the Copper Boutique. Photo / Rosalie Willis

Fabulous, bright and colourful, but also unique and sustainable, Copper Boutique has arrived on Paraparaumu Beach.

Founded by Lauren Jordan and Lisa White, the new consignment store, which opens tomorrow, aims to bring color back to Copperfields while bringing second-hand clothing back to life.

When they met on the Capital Connection while commuting to Wellington, Lauren and Lisa’s idea was born out of a love of shopping.

“As our friendship developed, we spent many weekends shopping at consignment stores,” Lauren said.

Copper Boutique opens tomorrow.  Photo / Rosalie Willis
Copper Boutique opens tomorrow. Photo / Rosalie Willis

“We both have a philosophy that things are sustainable and fabulous, and both have wardrobes that show that.

“We figured no one else was doing this on Paraparaumu Beach, so why not?”

“Lauren has always had a huge following on Instagram with her walk in wardrobe,” Lisa said.

“Here I am wearing black while she can spot something fabulous from a mile away.

“She will then connect it to something I would never connect it to and it looks like a million bucks.”

Aiming to counteract fast fashion and the shelves of cheap clothing that chain stores are hitting, Copper Boutique is all about finding fabulous, timeless, quality clothing and reselling it to new owners.

“There’s so much clothes in New Zealand, we don’t need any more new clothes,” Lauren said.

“We are not limited to one season, everyone has something fabulous in their wardrobe that they love that is too good to throw away but they don’t wear.

“We want clothes to be worn so that people can take them out of the closet and let them see the day again.

Copperfields in its heyday.
Copperfields in its heyday.

“This is an opportunity for people to clear out their wardrobes and just have things in them that they wear while they make some money.

“It’s also an opportunity to buy quality clothing and realize that if you buy quality, it lasts longer and is much more timeless.”

“If I’m walking down the street in bright colors and someone sees me, you can see them smiling to themselves,” Lisa said.

“It not only uplifts you but the people around you and it creates conversations with people.”

To sell your high quality clothing through Copper Boutique, all you have to do is fill out a form stating what you want to do with the clothing and you will be given an online account.

“You get an account where you can see what items are selling, what they’re selling for, and see if they’ve sold in real-time.

“We also want to know what to do with the clothes we don’t want – most people will come back and get them, if not we take them to KYS.

“We keep clothes for eight weeks and if they don’t sell we either return them to the owner or we donate them to the Kāpiti Youth Support Store.”

You can then access this money via a balance or have the money returned to your account.

The shop was set up by the couple with Lisa, who transforms items that most people would consider junk into beautiful works of art: from junk to funk.

Her current projects, creating art under the Funky Nut moniker, include a series of upcycled lights that have been artfully fused together and filled with solar-powered fairy lights.

Using finds from the tip shop and constantly producing more artwork for the shop, Lisa will sell her Copper Boutique creations alongside the clothing.

“We also have records for sale.”

To help revitalize Copperfields’ shopping district, the two have outfitted the store with fabulous op store finds and put a lot of themselves into refreshing the building and creating the Copper Boutique to match their name with the Copperfields of the past to pay homage to .

“All the furniture and fixtures were made for things we didn’t need to buy.

“There’s not much risk associated with the place other than the blood, sweat and tears that we put into it.

“Paraparaumu Beach is so busy now and it’s a community that’s growing.”

With Dark Horse’s coffee, all the restaurants, new shops, florists and fresh places recently hitting the beach, the pair said they’re excited to join the community.

The Copper Boutique is located at Copperfields, 7 Seaview Rd, Paraparaumu Beach and is open Wednesday through Saturday from 10am.

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