Spy: Revealed – Toy billionaire Anna Mowbray and Ali Williams’ secret weapon in their new home build in Westmere

Ali Williams and Anna Mowbray before and after the demolition of their property. Photo / via Instagram

Toy billionaire Anna Mowbray and her partner, former All Black Ali Williams, have called in an expert on one of Auckland’s most expensive home builds.

Block NZ presenter Shelley Ferguson was on site visit to Westmere this week and posted to Instagram pictures of her and Mowbray exploring the underground level of the building on the half-acre waterfront property.

Ferguson, 41, is a respected interior designer as well as a TV personality. Her company is Shelley Ferguson Studio and she is also an Ambassador for the Master Builders Association. Her studio specializes in working with architects, builders and homeowners on new build and interior projects. She specializes in livable luxury and contemporary design with understated glamour.

Shelley Ferguson and Anna Mowbray at Soul Bar and Bistro.  Image: Instagram
Shelley Ferguson and Anna Mowbray at Soul Bar and Bistro. Image: Instagram

She and Mowbray are known to be good friends. Over the summer, Mowbray, Williams and their blended family, as well as Ferguson and her husband, former Olympian Steven, and their children enjoyed vacations together, including time on the Mowbray family’s $21 million superyacht.

The week before the site visit, Mowbray and Ferguson were at a girls champagne night at the Soul Bar and Bistro.

Ferguson and Mowbray haven’t been ready to share the design cues they’re working on, but it’s fair to say they’re both very excited about the project.

Shelley Ferguson and Anna Mowbray at the construction site of Anna Mowbray's Auckland mansion.
Shelley Ferguson and Anna Mowbray at the construction site of Anna Mowbray’s Auckland mansion.

Mowbray and Williams spent around $24 million in 2020 to buy the home that once belonged to film director Andrew Adamson. Jaws dropped in the neighborhood last November when the couple demolished the property.

“FROM THIS TO THAT… begins a new and incredibly exciting chapter at AJ Point. The best thing is that I get to do it with these amazing people,” Mowbray, 38, posted on Instagram, posing with champagne in hand alongside Williams.

The couple hired architects Ponting Fitzgerald, and planning documents show the new building has four levels, from the basement to an observation deck, Spy understands

Mowbray thinks Ferguson’s work is phenomenal and there will be plenty of room for their combined flair with numerous living areas, a basement bar, spa and cinema rooms on the first two floors and state of the art bedrooms on the third floor. There was some controversy with some neighbors concerned about plans for a helipad at the waterfront home.

Neighbors who are upset about the project, however, may find that the homes on the street will appreciate significantly, with one real estate expert saying the new home could increase ownership by at least $6 million.

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