Site-specific audiovisual exhibit opens July 2 at UW Art Museum | news

June 30, 2022

An audiovisual exhibit designed by a collective of artists and technologists opens Saturday, July 2 at the University of Wyoming Museum of Art.

“Rec Lobe TV” offers a digital conversation between Cleverbot – a Chatterbot web application that uses an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to have conversations with humans – and human-made web content. This site-specific art installation uses a Laramie Police Department radio as the starting point for a journey that invites the viewer deep into the “mind” of the algorithm-centric internet, the outcome of which is far removed from the original text.

The group of artists and programmers behind Rec Lobe TV – collectively known as NonCoreProjector – have been using AI in conceptual art installations for the past five years. Group members are Rollo Carpenter, an AI scientist and creator of Cleverbot; Nat Clark, a digital artist and electronic musician; Jack Colton, an interdisciplinary artist and writer; Elias Jarzombek, a creative technologist and electronic musician; and John O’Connor, a visual artist.

In Rec Lobe TV, NonCoreProjector maps processes by which media transform visceral human experience into a multi-sensory, manipulated representation.

“This project engages with the ways in which real-world events are experienced, translated, politicized and allegorized, thereby shaping our individual and collective psyches,” reads O’Connor’s website at

Rec Lobe TV is funded by the Susan Moldenhauer FUNd for Contemporary Art. The exhibition runs through December 23.

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The UW Art Museum displays, preserves, and interprets visual culture from around the world to engage academic, local, state, national, and global communities. The Art Museum is located in the Centennial Complex at 2111 E. Willett Drive in Laramie. The opening hours are Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is free.

This hand-drawn diagram is part of the “Rec Lobe TV” exhibition, which will be on view from July 2nd to December 12th. 23 at the UW Art Museum. (Image courtesy of NonCoreProjector)

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