Shinsegae Duty Free brings art to the travel retail world


Industry first: Shinsegae Duty Free aims to lead the way in promoting art and culture in travel retail

Art offers a new way to connect with the next generation of millennial and Gen Z luxury shoppers, the company said. Pictured above is the South Korean artist Weunah Kim.

SOUTH KOREA. Shinsegae Duty Free has created a groundbreaking arts space on its e-commerce platform and opened a museum art space in its flagship Myeong-dong in Seoul, celebrating the works of up-and-coming South Korean and international artists.

The retailer has added a curated range of art to the lifestyle category of its e-commerce platform. The arts section first started in South Korea on August 13 and was rolled out internationally on September 16. It shows the works of the renowned South Korean illustrators Soña Lee and Weunah Kim.

Shinsegae Duty Free has also unveiled a new “Art Space” in its Myeong-dong store. The space invites shoppers to experience the works of Lee and Kim up close. Art Space is promoted through a social media campaign that promotes Lee and Kim’s work internationally.

In addition, a large Y-shaped sculpture by experimental Belgian artist Carston Höller takes center stage on the tenth floor and is set to become a popular cultural attraction in Seoul.

Weunah Kim’s delicate watercolors adorn the walls of Art Space in Shinsegae Duty Free’s flagship Myeong-dong

Lee lives in both South Korea and New Zealand and is known for her colorful drawings, murals, and exhibitions. She is currently developing the annual Shinsegae Duty Free season theme. Shinsegae Duty Free sells only 88 works of art by Lee. The limited edition pieces come with a warranty card and an edition number.

Kim is the head behind the lifestyle specialist Lidia Art & Scent. Her work uses watercolors to capture the beauty of the natural and everyday world.

Viewing and buying art has become a growing trend among millennial and Gen Z luxury shoppers. According to Shinsegae, his foray into the art world will help him connect with younger luxury consumers in new ways.

Soña Lee’s colorful artwork is reproduced in limited quantities and sold at Shinsegae Duty Free

Shinsegae Duty Free Director Choi Seung-Jae commented: “If you are a contemporary artist who can capture the sensitivity and zeitgeist of the next generation, we will be happy to present your work regardless of your area of ​​expertise.”

Another Shinsegae duty free official added, “Our shared passion for art has provided a great opportunity to connect with customers. We are the first to introduce art to the duty free channel with the aim of becoming leaders in promoting art and culture in travel retail. “

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