Shanghai Persian Paintings Exhibition celebrates 50 years of Iran-China diplomatic relations

TEHERAN – An exhibition of Persian paintings opened at the Shanghai Art Collection Museum on Saturday to celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Iran and China.

The exhibition entitled “Persian Treasures – Iranian Miniature Exhibition” shows a rich collection of items on loan from the Malek National Library and Museum and the Reza Abbasi Museum, two major art centers in Tehran that keep rich collections of Persian paintings.

A number of the works have also been loaned from the Isfahan Museum of Contemporary Art and the Chehel Sotun Palace Museum in Isfahan.

The exhibition, which runs until February 27, 2022, is organized with contributions from the Consulate General of Iran in Shanghai and the Bordbar Collection in Isfahan.

The exhibition is divided into four areas, Royal Glimpse, Book of Kings, Dynamic Folklore and Melody of Poetry.

In early August, the Powerlong Art Center in Shanghai also organized an exhibition of traditional and modern Persian artwork to celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relations between Iran and China.

The exhibition entitled “Dialogue beyond Time & Space – 2021 the Legend of Persia Art” was organized to introduce Persian civilization, to give Chinese viewers a feel for contemporary Iranian culture and to deepen the friendship between the two nations.

Paintings, sculptures and art installations by 43 contemporary Iranian artists showcasing a combination of Persian classical and modern art are on view for the first time for Chinese viewers.

The curator Hossein Bordbar noted that art is the essential way of communication and understanding between nations, the curator Hossein Bordbar said that the exhibition vows to showcase the contemporary Iranian art that shows the real trends in the minds of the Chinese people Iranian artist demonstrates and brings the two civilizations together in modern times.

At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Ramezan Parvaz, Consul General of Iran in Shanghai, said that Iran and China share a friendship from the ancient Silk Road era and that the deep interaction between the two countries in trade and culture has been very good extended to the present day , with their cultures sharing a multitude of similarities.

Photo: Visitors take photos of a Persian painting on display at the Persian Treasures – Iranian Miniature Exhibition at the Shanghai Art Collection Museum on December 4, 2021. (Global Times / Chen Xia)


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