Seattle Youth Employment Program (SYEP) intern Anh Sy explores the creative advantage of Summer Online Arts

By Anh Sy, SYEP Internal

About Creative Advantage Online Arts (CAOA):

The Creative Advantage Online Arts videos were created in rapid response to COVID-19, with the goal of supporting students and families during school closures and teaching artists who have been tasked with leading school day trips. CAOA features videos of different teaching styles and artistic disciplines where teaching artists share tutorials on breakdance, paper crafts, African dance and drums and much more.

We asked our SYEP intern Anh to participate in some of the CAOA videos, make art and share what she learned. Take a look at her reflections below!

Overall, I realized that when watching these videos, I usually focused and really listened to what the teachers or teaching artists were talking about and trying to show. Sometimes I watched the videos and followed the instructions at the same time. Watching these videos, following instructions and doing the same as the artists in the videos made me feel like I was learning virtually or even being in the same learning space/space as the artists.

Poetry – “Remember…” with Shelby Handler

This video helped me define myself – let me know who I am, who I want to become and what kind of person I want to be. When I grow up, will I be tall or short? Will I be wise enough to accept any unexpected incident? Will I be able to solve every problem wisely? Where did I get my odd shape nose and ghost? Will I be a doctor – helping people and my community improve their health and the health of my family? Or am I going to be an engineer – spending all day at the computer? Or will I work in an office? What type of person will I become? who do i become I am a person who is always confused and curious about the world. I will be myself so that whatever would happen in my life that I do not know and cannot even expect, I will calmly face it.

Paper Lanterns with Amaranta Sandys

That was fun and entertaining! I enjoyed making this art project following Amaranta Sandys instructions. I made a lantern as a form of joy and decoration that will add more light and color to my home.

Observational imaginative drawing with Maria Valdovinos

I enjoyed learning new ways of drawing, using my powers of observation and imagination to create a new type of artwork.

Paper butterflies with Maria Valdovino

It reminded me of one of the origami lessons I learned as a subject in my home country – making paper butterflies – and also one of the motivations that inspired me to create art and work at the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture .

African Dance + Drum – Che Che Koolay with Sumayya E. Diop

I enjoyed learning a new style of music from West Africa with Sumayya – it’s a type of song singing about a person, about someone in your family or friend etc with very simple lyrics, melodies and dances.

Drawing an isometric grid with Amina Quraishi

I enjoyed learning a new art style with Amina – a different way of drawing with patterns. By using triangles and an isometric grid I can create many different shapes and artworks on one sheet of paper. It could be a 2D artwork of a pattern or a simple 3D project on a piece of paper.

Anh’s isometric grid

Paper pinwheels with Amaranta Sandys

I enjoyed making art! I had a toy and it reminded me of another one of my childhood memories, pinwheels!

Anh’s paper and pencil pinwheel

Papel Picado with Maria Valdovino

I had a fun and satisfying time making paper flowers and creating art with Maria! Through this video lesson and the creative process, I also learned about the structure of flowers and wanted to create artworks in different ways. Although I didn’t have enough supplies to make all of the blooms Maria instructed in the video, I still enjoyed the process.

Anh’s paper flower

Portraits in Color with Janet Fagan

I enjoyed creating my own portrait project. Although I wasn’t very happy with the result, it was well worth spending some time learning and exploring new things and depicting myself with color pieces on paper.

Anh’s portrait made of colorful pieces of paper

Tools and tricks for drawing portraits with Janet Fagan

I finally learned how to draw and sketch a portrait of myself, which I find to be the hardest part of drafting. So amazing!

Anh’ self-portrait

Drums with Aaron Walker-Loud (Challenge 2)

Drum or percussion is another style of art and music and I learned about different basic patterns, rhythms and the “feel” (straight and swing). It broadened my perspective and knowledge of drums and music!

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