Saxton Field Road, named for the former mayor of Richmond, Tasman and Nelson

The previously unnamed road through the Saxton Field Complex was officially named Kerry Marshall Drive in honor of former Mayor Kerry Marshall.

To mark the occasion, an unveiling ceremony took place on Thursday, February 3, 2022.

After serving as Mayor of Richmond for three years, Tasman for nine years and Nelson for three years, the street will serve as a fitting tribute to Kerry’s long service to the wider region.

The proposal to give the street a name came in July 2020 from Nelson Mayor Rachel Reese, Tasman Mayor Tim King and former Nelson MP Nick Smith.

Nelson City Council approved naming the street in September 2021.

Kerry’s family and friends were joined by Nelson Deputy Mayor Judene Edgar, Mayor King, Nelson Assemblyman Rachel Boyack, Nick Smith and members of Nelson and Tasman Councils to acknowledge Kerry’s many contributions to the region and country to remember.

Deputy Mayor Edgar said Saxton Field was the perfect place to pay tribute to Kerry as much of his work has benefited both Nelson and Tasman and beyond.

“Kerry was a life of community and public service,” Deputy Mayor Edgar said.

“We have all benefited from his tireless work, particularly in the arts, sports and conservation, as well as his leadership of our communities.”

Mayor King echoed the views of Vice Mayor Edgar.

“We welcome the gesture as an appropriate memorial. A road connecting the two districts reflects Kerry’s time at the helm of both councils and the mutual development that took place during his tenure in both offices.”

In addition to serving as mayor of Richmond, Tasman and Nelson, Kerry has also been involved in civic life nationally.

He has served as President of Local Government NZ, Chair of the NZ Conservation Authority, Chair of the New Zealand Visitor Information Network, Member of the New Zealand Geographic Board, Trustee of the Cawthron Institute of Science and Technology, Chair of the New Zealand World of Wearable Art Development Trust and Chairman of the Tasman Environmental Trust.

Kerry spent the final years of his life at the Ernest Rutherford Retirement Village and enjoyed walking around the Saxton grounds before he died in March 2020.

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