New Zealand medical cannabis company Ora Pharm is listed on the Syndex Exchange



A unique opportunity has opened up for large investors to invest in one of the most innovative and experienced medical cannabis companies in New Zealand.

Ora Pharm Limited (Ora Pharm) is listed on the Syndex Exchange, an online platform where individuals can invest in prorated assets.

Ora Pharm is a health and wellness company developing high quality pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis products at its state-of-the-art facility in Waikato.

Following a successful seed capital increase in August 2020, Ora Pharm invites major investors to participate in its Series A financing round via the Syndex marketplace.

This is a great opportunity to invest in a leading medical cannabis company in a fast growing future industry and at an attractive early stage valuation.

For the past 18 months, Ora Pharm has secured a plot of land in North Waikato with ideal conditions for growing cannabis, built a state-of-the-art greenhouse and processing facility, licensed medicinal cannabis for the cultivation and supply of medicinal cannabis, and a world-class team from Established by industry experts.

“We achieved everything we set out to do with our seed funding, and more. We are now entering an important growth phase where Ora Pharm will expand our operations in New Zealand, launch our first line of products, launch into global markets and begin research and development, ”said Ora Pharm Founder and CEO Zoe Reece.

“We have shown that we can execute on our plans and are in a strong position to continue bringing Ora Pharm’s vision to life.”

In a market with high regulatory entry barriers and incipient competition, Ora Pharm stands out as the only New Zealand company with significant market experience and a strong US market platform to drive growth.

Reece and Ora Pharm Executive Chairman and Head of International Business Development, Stuart Wilcox, bring a wealth of experience to the table after previously holding senior positions at Curaleaf, one of the largest and most respected cannabis companies in North America with a market capitalization of over $ 11.5 Billion.

As Director of Engineering for Curaleaf, Reece played a leading role in the company’s expansion from 16 locations in six states to 83 locations in 16 states by 2019.

As Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President at Curaleaf, Wilcox was instrumental in helping the company become the leading player in the US medical cannabis market. Under his leadership, Curaleaf’s sales have grown by over 2000%.

“I am very proud of the talented team we are building at Ora Pharm,” says Reece To establish market leader in New Zealand and abroad. “

Investors can learn more about the Ora Pharm investment opportunity and download an information memorandum on the Syndex platform.

About Ora Pharm

Ora Pharm is a health and wellness company developing high quality, sustainably produced medical cannabis in Waikato, New Zealand. Our vision is to offer patients, caregivers and doctors high quality herbal health products that support daily well-being and improve quality of life. Ora Pharm is licensed to grow and distribute medical cannabis in New Zealand and will receive Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification, the globally recognized quality control system used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products.

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