New exhibition asks the question: Is the controversial street artist Banksy a genius or a vandal?

CULVER CITY (KABC) – A new exhibition here begs the question – is the artist Banksy a genius or a vandal? If you don’t know the name, it won’t be you when you see his work.

When you step into this showroom in Culver City, you can immerse yourself in Banksy’s world.

But who is Banksy? Exhibition curator Alexander Nachkebiya explains.

“Our exhibition is set up so that people, even people who don’t know Banksy or have just heard his art, hear the name, learn more about him and his art and messages,” said Nachkebiya.

Banksy has several trademarks: his stencil work and his anti-establishment stance. His best-known piece is Girl with a Balloon from 2003. His street art was also on the streets of LA. to see

“Somehow his art just falls into our hearts,” said Nachkebiya.

And although Banksy did not authorize this exhibition, visitors can go online for a limited time and purchase tickets through December to see more than 100 authenticated works.

“Why do we go there? We go there because we want to see an original work of art. Because this original art has the spark of the artist. We want to feel the talent of the artist and this spark,” said Nachkebiya. “Often people ask me what is the difference between vandalism and graffiti or street art? And the answer to that is simple.

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