Michael Strahan will go into space with Space Royalty and several investors

Michael Strahan, he from New York Giants and more recently Good morning America Fame, courtesy of Jeff Bezos and his rocket company Blue Origin. They’ll be driving out of Texas on December 9th at 9:30 a.m. CT.

He’s one of six people to take off on New Shepard, making it the first fully packed flight. Beside Strahan, Laura Shepard Churchley, Daughter of moonwalker Alan Shepard, will be on the New Shepard, which is named after the famous astronaut. Investors Dylan Taylor, Evan Dick, and Lane Bess, and his son, Cameron Bess, will go too. What do you call a group of venture capitalists that took off into space? I don’t have a punchline! I really ask!

Strahan is the second famous person to leave. Blue Origin sent William Shatner, born Captain Kirk of Star Trek, last. Other famous people I suggest reaching out to make headlines: Ed Sheeran (He can actually go to Virgin Galactic and help his compatriot). Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson (the first couple to seriously date or not in space). Kanye West for that matter. Clifford out Clifford the big red dog (think about the headlines). The other obvious suggestion is Tom Hanks, but he has already refused.

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