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Local artist Deb Clauden combined his passion for music with his love of art at the spectacular SALA exhibition at Narakuat Art Gallery.

The exhibition features photographs of famous Australian and international musicians that Fat has captured over the years.

Her love for music was born after attending an Easybeats concert with her friend’s father at the age of 14.

“Your father was one of the guards so he smuggled us in, then we hung out and met Stevie Wright. I was hooked. “

Since her first concert, she has attended hundreds of concerts and captured pictures of Australian and world celebrities such as Florence and the Machine and Iggy Pop.

“I’ve photographed a lot of famous artists, including some of the idols. I never thought I’d shoot.

“My favorite is probably Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters. I was a huge Pink Floyd fan when I was young, so it was very exciting. “

Clauden began photography during his training as a teacher and has seen the transition from film to digital.

“When I was a student, you could choose your subject and photography was one of the choices, and that’s where I started – in the era of black and white film and darkrooms.

“I’ve seen great strides and embraced the digital world. It is great to have the knowledge to take pictures manually without all the functions.

“I saw it as an art theme, so I experimented a lot in the darkroom – like solarization and sound dropouts – so that we not only get the perfect shot, but also get an artistic perspective. Was encouraged.

“I really accepted the move to digital. I found it exciting and used my knowledge of darkroom techniques while teaching how to teach the same thing in Photoshop.

“I designed a series of tutorials called Digital Dark Room Techniques, so I always learned.”

Their two loved ones were first reunited in 1975 when Ms. Colleden was filming New Zealand rock band Split Enz.

“When I was in Teachers College, I had a good friend in New Zealand and he said, ‘This band is coming to Australia so I have to visit,'” she said.

“I didn’t have the equipment, but I borrowed a large lens from the faculty and I still have those old negatives.

“At home in my family’s laundry, I was so enthusiastic about the development that I had to bring in new developers and didn’t wait long enough for the granulate to dissolve properly. ‘Everything turned out as I expected, but there are some photos that I’m very proud of. “

The job takes Mr Clauden mainly around Melbourne and Adelaide, and she can often be found at music festivals.

She said the job was rewarding, in a short amount of time, and often with only one chance of winning.

“At my first blues festival there was a band called Vintage Trouble. I’ve seen pictures of people. At every concert, the lead singer makes this movement in the microphone while hanging and swinging his legs up. Really. I wanted to take this picture, ”she said.

“He did that for the first three songs. Just click and click, look at the photo with the camera and see that he got it. It was spicy.

“I’ve had several other opportunities to get this recording since then, and every time I get it this first band is the first band I recorded at the first Bluesfest that I had authority over. It was one of them. “

Ms. Clauden made the most of her time, taking pictures in Adelaide and being old, although COVID called for the end of most of her musical activities last year and the border closure made traveling on the freeway difficult. I looked at some of the photos again.

“I like to edit photos and there’s nothing new, so I started playing with old photos, so I combined two or more photos and added textures to the background to make them different, etc. Started turning into more works of art transform, ”she said.

“That is the purpose of this exhibition. It’s a photo from a concert, but there are more works of art. “

The exhibition will take place from July 14th to August 22nd at the Naracourt Art Gallery and will officially open on July 16th.

Local photographer Deb Kloeden exhibits at Naracoorte Art Gallery | Naracoorte Herald

Local photographer Deb Kloeden exhibits at Naracoorte Art Gallery | Naracoorte Herald


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