Local artists think in the box in the pop-up exhibition 144

144 at Grand Duchess

A new pop-up gallery aims to prove that a square foot is plenty of space to create stunning art – and 19 local artists are up for the challenge. The show, 144, is the second the Grand Duchess has hosted to reconnect the community with its underlying arts scene. But this time, all mediums and styles are welcome – the only parameter is that artists must ensure that each piece is 12 x 12 inches. Accordingly Jason BowersCurator and project manager for JAB Arts, this should help 144 become even more successful in order to reach a broad audience. Grand Duchess pop-up exhibition in November, True to formsignaled interest in pieces in the $150 to $500 range, Bowers says city ​​newspaper. JAB Arts wanted to attract more people and feature work from more artists, and they succeeded 144 taken shape. “The added benefit is that viewers can also see how different artists depict their work when there are no rules other than dimensions,” says Bowers. A few contributors are returning from the November show, including Emon Surakitkoson and TJ Buttner. Other participating artists are e.g Kelly Towles, Brandon Hill, Xenia Gray, Jack Labadie, Cortney Mohring, Clarence James, E$, Kasey Ott, ricasso, Hannah Atallah, Nate man, Lauren Bettette, Charlie Visconage, CESAMO, Janelle Whisenant, Rick Goghand Brendan Mullin. With more artists, fewer thematic restrictions, and new plans for quarterly pop-ups, 144 promises to once again bring together a popular local eatery, artists – both new and established – and community members eager to snag specialty drinks of illicit mezcal and maybe some new artwork to take home and love. 144 runs through March 6 at Grand Duchess, 2337 18th St. NW. grandduchessdc.com. For free.

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