Kids tile in style to brighten up Cullen Beach Loos


CULLEN’s beach toilets have become a work of art thanks to the efforts of the children at the local elementary school.

The Friends of Cullen Toilets, the volunteer group that runs the beach toilets and those in Millennium Square in town, was left with some money from a local woman.

It should be used well, as explained Julie-Ann Drake of the group.

“The three of us, who do most of the organization for the group, decided it would be nice to have some artwork on the outside of the toilets to brighten up the building.

“We talked about different ideas and thought that instead of hiring someone to create a work of art, we’d get the kids at Cullen Elementary School to do a piece of the picture at a time and then put it all together.

“Every child in the school attended from P1 to P7, so we have over 100 tiles. The school’s headmistress, Carene Hay, said the P1 went first and were so good that they set the bar very high for everyone else.

“The assignment was for every child in Cullen to paint something iconic on their tiles, so we have the Three Wise Men, the viaducts and an oyster catcher.

“We are very grateful to the school for taking part and creating great works of art.”

Ms. Hay said the school was pleased to have the opportunity to attend.

She continued: “As a school, we were very happy to be part of a community project and look forward to many more partnership opportunities.

“I was very happy with the result, as every child took the time to plan and paint their tiles before the summer vacation. The bar was raised with the great standard from Elementary School 1 through 7 and Cullen sparkled into the process.

“The tiles attracted a lot of attention with their colorful and inviting artwork – I’m very proud of everyone in our school! We learn and play the Cullen way every day. “

On Saturday, October 23rd, the children and their parents were invited to take a look at the finished article. As a reward for their creativity, the little ones and their parents were pampered on the beach with a cup of coffee and a sheet cake.

As with many other community groups, the pandemic and its limitations have limited the ability of Friends of Cullen Toilets on the fundraising front. However, the future remains bright as society begins to open up.

Ms. Drake continued, “It’s going really well thanks to some very generous donations.

“We did a lot with the money on the beach toilets, including a faucet to wash our feet, new urinals and sinks, and painting the outside of the building. The window sills were all painted in light colors.

“Next come the toilets in the square and we will overtake them.

“We have a great group of volunteers who open and clean the toilets on weekends.”

Ms. Drake added that due to the continued popularity of the beach area during the winter months, including the burger and coffee carts setting up there, the beach toilets would stay open on the weekends.

The toilets on the square remain open every day.

I was busy

Friends of Cullen Toilets recently completed an art project with students at Cullen Primary School. A Cullen woman left some money as a bequest to the toilets. We used their money to buy tiles and grout and turned to elementary school to paint the tiles with pictures of Cullen. We sealed the tiles and stuck them to the wall of the beach toilets, down by the golf club as a gallery.

We hope to be able to publish this project in the local newspaper. We did a lot of work on the toilets this year with donations from beachgoers. We’ll be ready by the end of the Tatie vacation. We have tentatively suggested an appointment for the teachers, children and parents to come to the beach on Saturday afternoon, October 23, at 2 p.m. for a cup and a sheet cake and see the tiles. Do you have a photographer available to report on our event?

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