Jungkook ‘Euphoria’: BTS star hits PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ as most streamed male solo


BTS ‘JK aka Jungkook has once again made history with his solo track’ Euphoria ‘. On November 8th, ARMY found out that the track hit PSY’s “Gangnam Style” as the most streamed song by a Korean soloist on Spotify. ‘Euphoria’ was released in August 2018 as part of the compilation album ‘Love Yourself: Answer’. While RM helped create the song and the music video shows all of the BTS members, it is sung by Jungkook. His solo song became one of the highlights of the group’s concert at Wembley Stadium and was also featured on the TV show “Euphoria”.

This impressive news will be followed by the fact that BTS will perform live on the AMAs stage in 2021. On the same day it was reported that the global K-pop group not only attended the 2021 AMAs in person, but will also perform “Butter” in front of fans for the first time. And to make it even more special, they invited Megan Thee Stallion to stand on stage with them for their ‘Butter Thee Remix’. And only BTS can continue to top each other as they were also the first Asian act to be nominated for a big prize like the ‘Artist Of The Year’ award at the AMAs, which impressed everyone.

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Jungkook’s solo song ‘Euphora’ continues to break records

Fans don’t know what to focus on as BTS continues to fly high. Just last week it was announced that BTS will be getting their own webtoon ‘7Fates: CHAKHO’ based on the legendary tiger hunters of the Joseon Dynasty. And now the fans can’t be more proud that the youngest member of the group continues to break records with his solo song. Jungkook’s “Euphoria” currently has 292 million streams on Spotify and seems to be growing every time a fan checks its status. It should be noted that the song topped the Billboard World Digital Sales Charts back in July.

‘We are blessed’

Fans are trending phrases like “Congratulations Jungkook” and “Top Male Soloist Jungkook” to celebrate the success. One ARMY tweeted: “There is no way to explain how absolutely mind-boggling euphoria is live. Jungkook managed to bring the magic of the song to the stage. he’s so amazing. ”Another fan shared,“ Euphoria will always be his trademark. He worked so hard to find the perfect voice for euphoria. We are blessed to have a glimpse. He’s proud of his song, and so are we. ”One fan commented,“ Jungkook’s ‘Euphoria’ is now the most streamed song by a Korean male soloist on Spotify. It’s also the most streamed Korean B-side track on the platform. Thank you for this wonderful masterpiece, JK. “

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