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There’s a reason Tanea Paterson didn’t give her mother a Christmas present last year.

It wasn’t a lack of love or a lack.

Little did her mother know that the Dunedin artist decided to create a quilted knee blanket, the images of which are reminiscent of her childhood.

But she was running late, and when it finished earlier this year it turned out to be so good that she decided to keep it and display it in the annual iNDx art exhibit at the Otago Museum.

“Mom saw it, but she won’t get it until Christmas this year.

“She gave me the OK to report it.”

Ms. Paterson has autism and her artwork is one of about 30 featured in the exhibition celebrating New Zealand‘s neurodiverse artists.

“The autism community is often isolated – talked about, not with – and underestimated in its capabilities.

“The iNDx exhibition is postponing this by encouraging an open and refreshing dialogue about autism.

“The variety and beauty of this year’s art is amazing. It is wonderful to share the talent of the neurodiverse community with the public, ”said Ms. Paterson.

The exhibition features works by several well-known artists in the autism community – including two portraits of Tom Fox made with hundreds of his fingerprints.

Fortunately for Ms. Paterson’s mother, the exhibition will close on December 10th, so there will be enough time to wrap the present and place it under the Christmas tree.

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