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It is easy to look through the windows of the UNF Gallery of Art and the Lufrano Intercultural Gallery on campus without opening the doors. But the faculty, students, and local artists responsible for the exhibits and display cases at both locations deserve more than a quick drive through on the way to class.

The UNF Gallery of Art in Founders Hall has two exhibitions in the fall semester: the annual Faculty Exhibition of Art, Art History, and Design and the La Fond Solo Exhibition.

The first exhibition shows works of art from the Faculty of Art, Art History and Design in the fields of ceramics, painting, photography, printmaking, drawing, sculpture and video.

The annual Faculty Exhibition of Art, Art History and Design takes place at the UNF Gallery of Art from August 26th – Oct 1st, so make sure you visit in the last few moments on campus.

The following spotlight at the UNF Gallery of Art will be the first solo exhibition by local sculptor La Fond (Diane Insetta). Visitors from October 7th – 12.11. Text installations, extensive sculptures and video content await from her dazzling career.

There are alternative ways to get involved on their side with the UNF Gallery of Art website. Here visitors will find opportunities for voluntary work, internships, donations or the submission of a program proposal for a new exhibition.

To keep up to date, subscribe to the UNF Gallery of Art Newsletter for monthly updates on exhibitions, events, community and scholarship connections.

When the season changes and the holidays are in full swing, the Seniors’ Exhibition begins on December 2nd in autumn 2021 and can be viewed until January 28th. Graduates from the arts, art history and design departments showcase the work of their capstone projects and span a variety of media. In addition, two locations are available to see the seniors’ artistic visions: the UNF Gallery of Art and the Lufrano Intercultural Gallery.

The Lufrano Intercultural Gallery, located on the second floor of the Studentenwerk, differs from the UNF Gallery of Art in educating visitors about environmental issues, awareness and social justice.

Photo courtesy of the UNF Gallery of Art.

The current exhibition in the Lufrano, But we are: personal narrative and shared history, hosts numerous artists and has a partnership with the 904WARD, an organization dedicated to building a diverse and welcoming Jacksonville community.

Photo courtesy of the UNF Gallery of Art.

The artwork in the exhibition shows how minority voices and narratives can be reflected through an experimental and visual lens. Yet We Are: Personal Narrative and Shared History examines relationships between identity formation, resistance, cultural responsiveness, and community building.

Yet We Are presents the artists Sky Hopinka, Judith G. Levy, Agnes Lopez, Karmimadeebora McMillan, Jessica Villegas and the Jacksonville Community Organization 904WARD.

Kayla Oswald, gallery assistant at the Lufrano Intercultural Gallery, encourages Ospreys to make full use of the educational resources of the 904WARD during the exhibition.

The group exhibition can be seen in the Lufrano Intercultural Gallery until November 12th.

The UNF Gallery of Art and the Lufrano Intercultural Gallery are an integral part of campus life for discovering cultural creativity. It is a powerful platform for Ospreys to draw and increase the attention of fellow students and faculty to the artworks.

Instead of looking through the windows, come in next time and enjoy everything the places Ospreys have to offer this semester.


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