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Dancehall star Squash was called on by Instagram detectives FakeWatchBusters for wearing an allegedly fake Richard Mille watch in his latest posts on the platform.

In yesterday’s Instagram posts, The Scotch & Soda DJ showed a series of photos in which he donned an opulent ensemble of matching Gucci gear, oversized diamond-set pieces of jewelery and, last but not least, a limited Richard Mille RM035 America’s “Gold Toro” watch.

Just recently, rapper Jay-Z showed off an extremely rare piece by Richard Mille, which, according to Complex, is valued at $ 3 million. If Squash’s RM035 ‘Gold Toro’ model were authentic, it would have run the dancehall deejay anywhere between $ 570,000 and $ 600,000.

A replica of the Swiss brand, on the other hand, can cost around $ 700 or even less.

According to FakeWatchBuster, the Richard Mille watch from 6ix Boss doesn’t have one or two tell-tale inconsistencies, but rather a whole list of fake features.

They explain to their 41,3,000 followers what it was: “Wrong case shape, wrong crow shape, the bezel screws are too big, the font used for the RM logo, etc. is too thin, the bracelet screws are too close to each other Hour / minute markings and wrong shape of the skeletal mechanism ”.

Usually targeting rappers, athletes, reality stars, and even politicians and wearing replica merchandise, IG Watch Vigilante went so far as to display a comparison chart of a real vs. squash allegedly fake RM035 model to point out any flaws. They also highlighted an important red flag with all of the replicated versions that all have the same incorrect serial number – 201214.

FakeWatchBuster boldly called the dancehall star for displaying a fake watch, tagged it on their post and wrote, “@ squash6iixboss, you are wearing a fake Richard Mille RM035 Americas Gold Toro . “

They continued, “A real RM035 Gold Toro valued at approximately $ 570-600,000 and limited to just 50 pieces worldwide. Called “Americas” because it was only available in Richard Mille boutiques in America “Along with a disclaimer stating that it is not a” hate site “, but rather on a crusade to identify counterfeit watches.

The Moon wandering The artist apparently got wind of the accusation and confidently shared it again More Photos of his Richard Mille watch and other footage of himself laughing while looking at his cell phone.

In one photo, he even covered the watch with his hand while closing his eyes, as if deciding to keep silent on the matter.

However, his caption said all he needed to say: “. “

As it stands, Squash apparently finds the claims incredibly hilarious, but no more than its fans do.

Weh Dem knows something about that… .6 really never faked… a jus a bagga mouth tlk, ”said an IG supporter.

Another added: “When they say the Richard Mille counterfeit” 6ix Chef affi laughs. “

Others interfered and said, “Laugh off the Squash Don ”,“ Gad A Laugh Offa The Hater’s Dem6⃣ “and” Bout the singer arm . “

Originally from Montego Bay, Jamaica, Squash, born Andrae Whittaker, has recently battled rumors that he is broke. By proving the opposite to his critics, the dancehall DJ has defended the claims through music in songs like Still A Roam, 1Up, Nuff Time, and Rate who rates you.

On Instagram, he often keeps his fans informed about his rich lifestyle.


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