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Posted January 1, 2022
| 9:00 in the morning

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The deadline for submitting colored pencil drawings is January 31 (photo courtesy of)

To kick off its next major exhibition, Whales Are Superheroes !, the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum (SBMM) is hosting an immersive marine adventure called A Whale of a Tale, featuring artwork submitted by grade K-6 children.

A Whale of a Tale, on display April 15 through May 15, features audio and video components that bring children’s artworks to life. Children are invited to submit their interpretations of a whale, a whale’s activities, and / or anything marine-related such as seaweed, starfish, dolphins, and other marine life.

Artwork must be created on 8½ “by 11” white paper and may only use colored pencils, colored pencils, and / or markers. It must be submitted by January 31st to be inducted on the show.

The A Whale of a Tale experience and children’s art exhibition are part of a multi-faceted exhibition called Whales Are Superheroes! which will study the effects of whales on the oceans, climate and climate change, and air quality.

As part of the project, SBMM will have an art exhibition for children; a three-dimensional art and sound experience; The Wonder of Whales: Two Artists’ Perspectives, an ocean-themed exhibition featuring artwork by Kelly Clause and John Baran; a lecture by Holly Lohuis on the impact of whales on the climate and Santa Barbara’s application for international whale heritage; and a new permanent exhibition on whales and climate change.

Watch the video for “Whale of a Tale” below for inspiration then visit Learn more about formatting and submitting artwork for kids. Once the art has been submitted, each family will receive a free family pass to the museum.

SBMM is located at Santa Barbara Harbor at 113 Harbor Way, Ste. 190th visit or call 805-962-8404 for more information.

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