Canaan and North Canaan, Conn.: Once Sleepy, Now Awakening

Scarce inventory, a well-known story, made the hunt difficult. Mr. Betts got lucky with his home, which had been on the market for a decade because of its unusual layout, he said. Previous owners had carved out six bedrooms to accommodate grooms for a nearby equestrian shop. (A renovation has reduced the number of bedrooms to three.)

Being willing to take on Fixer-Upper seems to be the key to a successful home hunt in the area. Last summer, a North Carolina couple, Brent Jenkins, a former artist, and Carol Jenkins, a retired librarian, both 75 years old, paid $225,000 for an old two-family house in Canaan to convert into a single family home.

Paving the way for her was her daughter Caitlin Jenkins, 45, an art restorer, and her husband Jason Bailer Losh, 44, a sculptor and art installer, who moved from Los Angeles to Canaan with their two young children in 2019. The cost of living in California was becoming unsustainable, Mr .losh. After considering Rhinebeck, NY, the family ended up in the more affordable Canaan, which is still relatively close to his New York plumbing business. Now they own a Victorian gable on a corner lot with a coach house they bought for “an insane” $255,000, Mr. Losh said.

But the most surprising aspect of life in Canaan was discovering creative colleagues, he said, which convinced him that art doesn’t mean you have to suffer in a cramped apartment. “If something’s going to happen in New York or LA, it’s going to happen whether I’m there or not,” Mr. Losh said. “Moving here was the best decision we’ve ever made.”

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