New art exhibitions and installations across the city will provide free entertainment this winter and spring while making room for new and diverse voices

TORONTO, February 22, 2022 /CNW/ – ArtworxTO, torontos Year of Public Art: 2021-2022, announces new exhibitions at hubs across the city as well as additional new projects, events and programs. Over the next month, free exhibitions of contemporary art by local and international artists will open at the ArtworxTO Hubs at Union Station, Cloverdale Common, Scarborough City Center and Downsview Park.

The ArtworxTO Hubs are one of many things that people can see and do as part of it torontos Year of Public Art. There are also self-guided, mobile public art tours powered by Driftscape, as well as events and programs across the city. For a full list of exhibitions and events see artworxto.caalong with an interactive art map and favorites tool.

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ArtworxTO Hub WEST | Cloverdale Common
March 1 – Until May 29th

HOMELAND) is a series of three multimedia exhibitions exploring how the idea of ​​land is linked to people’s sense of identity, belonging and home across and between races, regions, cultures and nations, with connections to the four elemental energies from which all life originates: water, earth, fire and air.

HOMELAND): Terra company (up to May 29th) is the second in the series. Through contemporary artworks by local and international artists, the exhibition explores themes of biopolitics, environmental politics, borders, displacement and extinction from a perspective of individual and community resilience. It contains work by Alexandra Gelis, Dan ClaxtonHelio Eudoro, MUSE Arts and Nava Wachsmann.

ArtworxTO Hub OST | Scarborough town center
February 2nd – October / multiple dates

Scarborough: The Backbone is a dynamic celebration of the arts and local community. Curated by The Spoken Soul Collective Paulina O’Kieffe-Anthony, Dwayne Morganand Randell AdjeiScarborough town center becomes a canvas for celebrating the visual and performing arts while connecting with the public through interactive activities. The wealth at Scarborough is highlighted by food, fashion, art, music and more.

New installations opening this month including Scarborough Chic by Anthony GebrehiwotScarborough slang from Omar Hopkinson and Joseph AdinkrahThe Backbone Slide by Kwame DelfishScarborough Heroes: A Story in Color by Joseph Osei Bonsu. Also the online projects Taste of Scarborough and Scarborough Sounds.

ArtworxTO Hub SOUTH | Union Station
opening 2nd March – open

i am country is a three-part exhibition series that showcases provocative and large-scale artworks torontos Union Station. In the second chapter of the year-long series I am land that remembers (Opens March 2nd) explores how shared memories are formed and the artist’s role as chronicler.

The exhibition explores monuments and archives, questioning what we remember, how we remember, and who makes those decisions. It reflects the official story with Iván Argote’s study of public monuments, Nour Bishouties focus on impermanence, and Miles Rüfelds and Tania Willards Critical examination of archives.

It also asks why some stories prevail while others are not told. artist Venuca Evanán Vivanco, Glenna Cardinaland artist duo MADEYOULOOK celebrate oral and visual storytelling while Shellie Zhang her work traces a transitory memory space.

ArtworxTO Hub NORTH | look down
February 16 – May 1

imagination (February 16 – May 1) is a dialogue about past and future black ingenuity, curated by Queen Kukoyi and Nico Taylor by Black Speculative Art Movement Canada, in collaboration with VR artist SPATIAL-ESK. IMAGInuity is a three-part exhibition:

  • Part 1: Inventor Showcase (Personal) – February 16

  • Part 2: Visioning Sessions (online) – February 19-20

  • Part 3: Exhibition of IMAGInuity: Museum of the Future 3022 (onsite & online) – March 23rd

IMAGInuity is part of ArtworxTO’s ALL CITY SHINE, a year-long BIPOC street art exhibition curated by Danilo Deluxo at Downsview Park. From a massive 360-foot mural to the surrounding architecture, to digital works, artist interviews, and multidisciplinary pieces, it uses public spaces as a space of expression for Black, Latino, Indigenous, Asian, and BIPOC artists to shine individually and collectively. Also on view is a work by Curtia WrightDanilo Deluxo, Elicser Elliot, Jacquie ComrieKreecha, MEDIAH, Moses Frank(Dear), Ness Lee, Yung Yemiand Jieun Jun Kim.

Also happened

Community is… through Hiba Abdallah
Located at all four ArtworxTO hubs, Community is… is a site-specific, text-based installation. The project highlights the uniqueness of each neighborhood with large format text banners that proclaim and celebrate the importance of community.

A place to store your belongings through Sandra Brewster | The power plant
February 5 – September 30

This sculpture is Sandra Brewsters first public work of art. The piece invites participants to enjoy, “a place to rest and be at peace, to de-stress and just sway at your own pace and rhythm. Play is a central element of the work, the sculpture connects to an inner child and can be engaged by children and adults alike,” says the artist. Opposite Lake Ontario, a swing gives a new purpose to the place where it is installed and its movements can be felt from near and far. Project funded by an ArtworxTO Partner Grant.

talking earth by Santee Smith | Gardiner Museum
May 2022

A New Commission to Honor the Continued Indigenous Presence on Turtle Island, Santee’ Smith’s Installation talking earth is an embodied experimental entanglement between forms that honors Haudenosaunee pottery. It is a lived encounter with clay etched from our memory of and by land, ancestors and projected into a contemporary space. The installation provides a place for education/teaching, contemplation and reconnection with the earth. The juxtaposition of traditionally inspired material and new media and performance builds bridges from antiquity to the present and breaks into integrity. Project funded by an ArtworxTO Partner Grant.

dinner party through Jieun (June) Kim | The Artois Collective | Union Station
opening February 22nd

Stella Artois is partnered with the City of Toronto ArtworxTO program for a year-long initiative to celebrate torontos multicultural communities through original artworks and culinary activities throughout the city. The initiative entitled The Artois Collectivehighlights Stella Artois’ commitment to diversity, nurturing community and helping build togetherness through the culinary and visual arts.

As part of the partnership, Stella Artois commissioned four artists to create murals across the city to support the continued development of artists in the community, create equal opportunities and increase access to public art.

The program’s first original mural, unveiled today, was created by Jieun (June) Kima Toronto The artist was chosen for her love of murals and illustration art, as well as her passion for creating safer spaces across the city through artwork. dinner party illuminates the diverse landscape of the city that comes together to enjoy our city. The design was inspired by Jieun’s experience moving house Canada from Korea and how sharing a meal with friends from different cultures and introducing her Canadian friends to their own Korean traditions allowed her to connect with her new homeland. dinner party is on display at Bay St. Concourse, Union Station.


ArtworxTO: torontos The Year of Public Art, 2021-2022, is an annual celebration of torontos extraordinary public art collection and the creative community behind it. Close collaboration with artists torontos art institutions that City of Toronto is delivering major public art projects and commissions across the city from fall 2021 to fall 2022. Supporting local artists and new artworks that reflect torontos Diversity ArtworxTO creates more opportunities for Toronto residents to engage with art in their everyday lives. This year, explore your city and discover creativity and community—everywhere. visit for all the details

ArtworxTO Hubs are spaces for artistic and collaborative activity led by the next generation of curators, collectives and artists. Through exhibitions, activations, workshops and experiences, the centers will strengthen local artistic identities, recognize their global reach and strengthen creative communities. Year-round hubs are located at Downsview Park, Scarborough Town Centre, Cloverdale Common and Union Station.

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HOME(LAND): Terra Firma installation view at Cloverdale Common.  Photo: Ready2Post (CNW Group/ArtworxTO)

HOME(LAND): Terra Firma installation view at Cloverdale Common. Photo: Ready2Post (CNW Group/ArtworxTO)




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