Artists will be judged at the upcoming exhibition in Kings Mountain


The Nature Reconsidered Art Contest and Trail Photo Contest opened this week at the Southern Arts Society in Kings Mountain. Both are cash-priced rated shows.

“Nature Reconsidered” is an art exhibition that aims to explore the ever-changing relationship between humans and nature. Artists have been asked to create works that reference, examine, challenge, and / or celebrate our relationship with nature.

The exhibition shows a variety of media – painting, drawing, glass, photography and mixed media. 38 artists from all over the region submitted 76 works for this year’s exhibition. While most of the posts reflect the beauty of our natural world, there are some that play with the effects or human interference on our environment.

The photo exhibition “Trail” shows photos that were taken on the Gateway Trail over the past two years. There are 13 posts from five photographers on this show. The butterfly garden at the top of the Gateway Trail is still a prime spot for great photos. Much of the trail is surrounded by trees, which requires patience on the part of the photographers and searches for interesting flora and fauna to capture on film.

Both shows will be judged by Michael Grady, an exhibiting artist, writer, and art professor at Appalachian State University. Grady grew up in South Carolina but lived in New York and San Francisco for three decades before moving to his ancestral home in North Carolina in 2008.

Grady has a particular interest and expertise in spirituality and art, expressive art therapy, and Asian philosophy and culture. He has exhibited his paintings and given lectures in Germany, New Zealand, China and the USA

Dianne Garner created this collage called Fall Tree.

The audience is invited to meet the artists for a reception on Saturday from 6pm to 8pm. The prizes for both competitions will be announced at 7:00 p.m. This is a free event. Dress is casual. Masks are required to enter. Additional work in the exhibition can be viewed on the Southern Arts Society’s website and Facebook page.

“Nature Reconsidered” and Trail “will be on view in the galleries of the Southern Arts Society until November 5th. Visitors are required to wear a mask and practice social distancing when visiting the gallery.

Peggy Harshaw is showing her piece entitled Woody the Woodpecker.

For more information, visit, contact 704.739.5585, or send an email to

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