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Today is the last first Friday of summer in Haines. The event will feature artists across the city showcasing their works, including abstract paintings, photographs, and an exhibition of antiquarian books and more.

“Untitled” watercolor by Christine Duncan

In the Port Chilkoot Distillery, artist Christine Duncan is showing a collection of abstract watercolor works entitled “Shades of Haines” by 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. She recently moved her family to Haines to operate the Salmon Run RV Park and Campground, which overlooks Lutak Inlet.

“Most of the pieces were painted outside with a view of the lutak, which was amazing,” said Duncan. “The landscape and the surrounding area are so inspiring.”

Duncan says abstract art is a personal experience and she hopes to open new interpretations to the viewer.

“Really, I’m just trying to break it down and simplify this complex environment. There is the water and the mountains and so full of life. And my pictures may seem very simple at first, but I’ve really tried to focus on small details and yes, just natural organic shapes, ”she said.

Duncan’s focus is on watercolor, stone, and wood, and she will also be exhibiting pieces at Ampersand AK on Main Street. Your Instagram is @christineduncanart.

Haines author Tom Morphet will be exhibiting a collection of antiquarian books in the bookstore on August 6th from 5pm to 7pm, which will be open for two weeks. The books were collected by Morphet’s father, a career research librarian. On display are French hymns from around 1450 – printed on sheepskin, a medical text from 1565 and a world atlas.

“The second-hand bookshop didn’t really offer me much for them, so I think they are antique books and documents dating back to 1450,” said Morphet. “There is an atlas from 1729, but without Alaska. It shows the whole world, but without Alaska because they hadn’t got there yet. What I think is interesting is that at some point they are capturing Western knowledge. “

A new photo exhibition by Tamra Lynn Hackett entitled “Flora of the Last Frontier” is premiering at the Haines Sheldon Museum. A vernissage will take place on Friday at 5 p.m. and the exhibition will run for six weeks until mid-September.


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