ART EXHIBITION: Bird sculptures and prints sit next to Murano glass fish


WILDLIFE artist Celia Smith is holding an exhibition of sculptures and prints of birds at 19 Corsham High Street starting Saturday.

The “Feather & Fins” exhibition runs until Sunday, October 31, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and includes “End of Day” glass fish, mainly from Murano, Italy.

Celia’s intricate bird sculptures are full of life and energy. She uses wire like other artists a pencil, collected and collected wherever she can find it, from the roadside to the junkyard.

Their work is on display using Willow Bicknell’s personal collection of nearly 100 end-of-day fish collected during the lockdown.

Celia said, “Willow has run out of shelves at home, so it’s time to find new admirers.

“I’ve always loved birds and have been fascinated by them. As a child, I found a very young sparrow that had fallen out of its nest – I raised it by hand and it eventually fledged.

“Birds came into my work a little by chance. I started making wirehardened chickens – they were featured in a magazine and it got me started on my own.

“After a couple of years I got tired of making chickens and was traveling around New Zealand while I was there I started designing and sketching the new and colorful birds I came across.

“When I got back to the UK I started drawing birds and suddenly I found that we have an abundance of amazing birds in this country too.

“I think the wire goes with the birds so I don’t need to make other species as I am constantly being inspired by what I see.

“I discovered wire when I was in school – our art teacher took us to Sophie Ryder’s studio and I loved it!

“I see wire as a drawing material, so for me it is the perfect balance between sculpture and drawing.”

Celia’s sculptures and prints will be available for purchase throughout the exhibition, prints from £ 150 and sculptures from £ 550. The glass fish is priced between £ 30 and £ 100.

All artwork will only be available in the gallery for the first week of exhibition to encourage people to visit the gallery and other shops in the city. They will then also be available online.

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