Art exhibit about poets and painters at the Niagara Falls Public Library

The Poets & Painters art exhibit has returned to the Niagara Falls Public Library after a practical showdown last year.

The annual project brings together local artists and poets in a unique collaboration that also celebrates National Poetry Month.

Participating writers will write a poem based on a painting, and artists will create a piece based on a poem.

“Inspiration, the fuel of creativity, comes from many sources,” said local artist Janice Low.

“The artists paint on the basis of the stories and poems, and the writers compose from the artistic images. It is a unique challenge and a productive collaboration.”

Writer Keith Inman agreed.

“For poets, inspiration through another medium is a great way to expand their knowledge of how images move through the eye and into the brain.”

The Poets and Painters exhibition will be on view at the Rosberg Gallery’s Victoria Avenue branch through May 31.

“Last year’s virtual sharing of the exhibition allowed people to engage with the artworks and poetry when we were unable to gather, but it’s exciting to have them back at the Rosberg Gallery,” said Alicia Subnaik Kilgour, Library CEO.

The gallery features monthly exhibitions of fine art from across Niagara as well as special traveling exhibitions.

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