Ariodante sells £450,000 European Picasso tour

Despite the fact that art galleries are accessible to almost everyone, specialist tour company Ariodante has designed a hyper-elite Picasso-themed tour that offers a “unique insight into the artist’s genius.” Jenny Southan reports

Similar to the “enlightenment journeys” offered by luxury educational travel start-up The Luminaire, Ariodante is promoting a new ten-day tour that will explore the life, work and legacy of Pablo Picasso. But it will cost £450,000 based on a group of up to six people (£75,000 each).

Apparently, attendees will meet some of the world’s most renowned Picasso experts, members of the artist’s family, collaborators and other distinguished artists, as well as enjoy amazing gastronomic experiences and wine tasting.

The journey, which traverses several countries, aims to provide a “unique insight into the artist’s genius, his influences and how he has inspired others through his work”.

The tour begins in Paris with a private visit to the Picasso Museum and a “backstage visit” to the Georges Pompidou Museum, where guests will have access to works of art that have never been exhibited before.

Guests will also visit his former apartment in Montmartre, where he lived with his mistress, and enjoy a private lunch arranged in the ballroom where the artist got married, prepared by a three-Michelin-star chef.

From Paris, the tour continues in French Rivera, where Picasso spent (and died) his final years. There will be a private visit to the Picasso and Matisse Museums, an opportunity to view an important personal art collection and gain access to a selection of private possessions related to Picasso’s life and work, followed by a spectacular private dinner in the Picasso Chapel.

Guests will then set sail on a yacht to Barcelona where they will explore Picasso’s ‘Blue’ period before continuing to Malaga, Picasso’s birthplace. From Malaga, guests fly to Madrid, where they have two “money can’t buy” experiences, including a rare visit to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, where Picasso studied and became director.

Each Ariodante trip is created from scratch and tailored to the personal interests of his group. They are also doubly climate-compensated on behalf of the customers.

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