8 must-do online and IRL experiences at this year’s IKEA Festival

IKEA, everyone’s favorite meatball furniture and homewares store, is throwing a mammoth feast, and you’re all invited.

IKEA is a mecca of chic design, ingenious storage and unbeatable prices that can transform even the smallest bedroom in a shared apartment into a palatial oasis. IKEA is no stranger to bringing dreams to life. This year they bring all your domestic dreams to life in Extensive IKEA Festival taking over stores around the world IRL and online between Friday 26th August and Saturday 10th September.

From interior design speed dating to plant-based cooking demonstrations, IKEA expert talks and houseplant workshops, a huge range of activities take place in Australian stores during the festival. Sydney’s The Tempe location will represent Australia on the world stage alongside New York, Stockholm, Tokyo and Paris with a busy day of IRL and online activations on Saturday 3rd September. Also, every store across Australia will be treated to activations and offers during the festival period and local and international events will be available 24/7 for Inspo to experience online.

Read on for all the must-do events taking place in IKEA stores on Saturday 3 September, and head here for all the details on what’s happening at your nearest store throughout the festival.

Dip your nails in some dopamine

If you’re keen to inject some creative energy into your home by redesigning some interiors but don’t know where to start, we recommend starting small. Unleash your creativity and visit the IKEA Festival Beauty Salon in Tempe for a free shellac manicure in signature IKEA festival colors from nail professionals. You’ll soon be swapping out the nail bar for mounting nails while whipping up a new flat pack addition to bring some new energy into your home.

Learn the secrets of the iconic IKEA meatball

The turn? They are meatless. Yes, that’s right, you can learn the secret to making your very own IKEA-inspired Meat-Free Plant Balls recipe, created by a vegan diet lover Liz Miu. Learn all about making Sticky Soy Garlic Plant Balls as the IKEA Food team guides you through the process. Sydneysiders can join Liz herself in a live demonstration at the Tempe store. The best part? You can try the finished product for free. Plus, the festival is brimming with IKEA’s love of food, with multiple workshops and free tastings taking place throughout the festival.

Learn the skills to bring your dreams to life

When it comes to renting, there is only so much you can do when it comes to personalizing and enhancing your home. Embark on interior design speed dating, IRL consultation sessions with IKEA’s expert interior designers to learn how to maximize your space with the right furniture and storage solutions. Prepare yourself with dimensions and pictures of the room where you work and go straight to the store to put your newfound knowledge into practice.

Realize your dreams with Van Life

We’ve all found ourselves way down a roll hole, admiring the transformation of a humble old van into a comfortable ticket to freedom across Australia’s great open roads. Well, it’s time to ditch the phone and head to Van Life at Sydney’s Tempe IKEA festival hub for some IRL inspo – with a fully featured station wagon stacked with super-simple space-saving and organization hacks , you in your own four-wheel drive holiday scooter. Not a Sydney local? Jump back on your phone to see the best of Van Life Tricks and tips on the internet.

IKEA Festival Van Life

Bring a little green into your life

Want to add some lush touches to your home without having to protect your floorboards and surfaces from pesky pots? plant guru Alan Chan will lead a live in-store workshop at Tempe, taking you step-by-step through the process of creating the perfect terrarium. Get your green fingers moving and breathe life into your interior with more workshops at various IKEA locations, where you’ll learn how to best care for your plants and the home they share with you.

Live melodies to accompany your exploration

IKEA knows how to set the right mood in any space, and curating the perfect soundtrack is no exception. Live music will punctuate the festival, from cooking pots and trash cans transformed into percussion instruments like you’ve never heard before, and live sets from local DJs, among others GoJo and Limestone Cowboy. Check out rooms dedicated to disco tunes, 15-minute dance classes, and even an ABBA flash mob. While in Perth you can also check out a chic Silent Disco set up for boogie and a bit of inspiration to bring a bit of a disco experience into your home.

Make you curious about sustainability

Would you like to understand how a global company like IKEA tackles this challenge? Luckily for us, you can access sustainability-focused workshops throughout the festival. Whether you’re discovering a range of tips and tricks to make your home more sustainable, or partaking in a sustainable dining experience with a bespoke three-course meal served at IKEA’s iconic Swedish restaurant, you’re sure to find a thing or two take along.

Tune in for a batch of online inspo

With IKEA Festival’s online programming, you can enjoy tons of online content from around the world from the comfort of your own home. Australia takes over on Sunday 3 September, so tune in for a celebration of morning rituals with digital creator Sam Evans as he talks about the importance of connecting with nature, having some time to yourself early in the day himself and unpack his surf van all the space-saving tips it has to offer. Dive deep into her plant-based practices with Liz Miu, get a step-by-step demonstration of her dish created exclusively for IKEA Festival, and learn about the benefits of plant-based options. Then catch Goodnight from Australia, where a live music set is broadcast from a boat on Sydney Harbor and sets the tone with laid-back tunes.

Just like the flat-pack furniture we know and love, IKEA Festival is packed to make the most of every second of the event in the most exciting and efficient way. For full details and to see what vibrant events are happening in your nearest location, as well as the full online itinerary, head over here.

The details

What: IKEA Festival
When: Friday 26 August to Saturday 10 September online and in store with daily activities and special events on Saturday 3rd September
Where: IKEA stores nationwide

Photo credit: Delivered, Nathan Guo

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